Saturday, March 15, 2014

Popeye goes to Walpole

Monday 10th to Friday 14th March:

We had booked ourselves into a cabin at the Rest Point caravan park in Walpole to do some fishing. Popeye is our 4.85m Trailcraft Profish alloy boat. Some pre-trip preparation included fitting a spare wheel and sorting out some straps to hold the canopy and boat in place.

A piece of timber and some straps kept the outboard from bouncing around on the way down.

Three straps bracing the folded up canopy kept that secure.

We left about 8:30 in the morning on Monday to drive 350kms or so down through Bunbury, Bridgetown and Manjimup to Walpole.

Our cabin was OK, sort of. Rest Point caravan park is in a fabulous location but it could do with a massive injection of funds. Four nights was enough for us.

There is a boat ramp right in front of the cabins so we put Popeye in and secured him with the anchor and a rope to the beach.

Before leaving Mandurah I got some copies of Boating in Walpole from the Dept of Transport
I also had downloaded it onto my Ipad and my Plotter/Sounder had Walpole (Nornalup Inlet) on it too.

Off to the fishing spot near the entry to the ocean where there is a beautiful, crystal clear and calm section of water just churning with herring.

Look at this pristine water. we could see the fish before they even jumped on our hooks.

Inevitably we had a visitor expecting a handout. Years ago we went to see an Elvis impersonator called Max Pellicano ( so now, every time we see a pelican, we call him Max.

If a fish is not silver with scales, we don't eat it. Max wasn't so fussy.

Robyn has enjoyed fishing since way back when, and still enjoys it.

We used to go beach fishing a lot years ago, but I must admit, sitting in Popeye beats it hands down.

Gary Muir runs Wilderness Tours on Nornalup Inlet and his boat ties up to a jetty near where we were fishing ( We've been on these tours twice now. They are very good. A really entertaining mixture of humour and history (both human and natural).

We caught enough herring for a couple of meals and now it was time to clean them. They only produce small fillets but pan fried, they are yummo.

The water was so clear we saw several rays swim by. Each with a lot of little fish.

It was just like the ray in Finding Nemo.
Class was in!

The scenery along the shore line of Nornalup Inlet was very nice. Rocks, bush, a few little beaches.

There seemed to be plenty of tucker around for the ever hungry pelicans.

Back at the caravan park, we positioned Popeye again just offshore ready for another day.

 Here's our faithful little Popeye sitting, waiting for us.

In amongst the other boats.

 We spent two days fishing and exploring Nornalup Inlet and one day exploring Denmark, just 80kms east of Walpole.
On Friday 14th we hitched Popeye up and drove home.
Who says retirement is boring?


  1. Nice post Stephen, looks like a great spot & good weather too.
    Love the Pelicans, don't see too much of them up here.

    Cheers Shell

  2. Before I die, before I die, before I die . . .

  3. You're a long time dead Dip........

    I would hate to be on my deathbed thinking: if only.