Friday, September 28, 2012

Norway 2012

So our time in Svelvik came to an end. What a special, wonderful trip.
We still had a couple of days in Oslo before flying home.
This lady and her kids were relaxing down near the harbour.

I knew we had one leg left on our Eurail pass so we jumped on the train and went on a day trip to Lillehammer and back.

It's a nice town and hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994.

Back in Oslo it was a short walk from our hotel to Frogner Park.

An excursion to the Kon-Tiki Museum was interesting.

Our flight home was very interesting. From Oslo to Bangkok and then to Perth. We passed over an airport somewhere south west of Moscow and I was able to see 3 aircraft line astern on final to land there. As we were heading east, away from the setting sun, it got dark quickly. I could see on the map that we would be flying over the 'Stans before ducking south of the Himalayas and across India.

I expected large expanses of blackness on the ground over the Stans but there were lights everywhere. There must be kazillions of people in these countries.

I had no illusions about the population in India. That too, was one big mass of lights. It's surprising how many other aircraft are out there in the middle of the night too, dodging big tropical thunderstorms.

We had a short, but bleary eyed transit in Bangkok and got home to Perth feeling quite good after a snooze on the flight.

Well, what a terrific trip. The Hurtigruten Fjord Cruise should be on everyone's list. Our week in Svelvik was wonderful. Such good people and a fascinating pilgrimage for me and Robyn.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Norway 2012: Svelvik

Monday 11th June

With only a couple of days left in Svelvik, Bjørn and Toné took us for a day trip to Tonsberg. We went to see a large building that is now a museum. Just after the war, when mum & dad came back to Norway, it was an Officers' Training School and dad went there to complete his officer training.

Down at the waterfront we saw a viking ship being built with traditional tools and procedures.

After returning to Svelvik we had a very pleasant evening meal at Åse's house with Morten, Jon, Olaf and Betty. Morten made fish soup. It was outstanding.

Tuesday 12th June

Today was a relaxing day, packing up, gettting ready for our departure tomorrow.

Morning coffee and cake with Betty and Olaf and then a very nice meal at Bjørn and Toné's house with Odd and Anne Stina and some of their children and grandchildren.

Wednesday 13th June

Today was our last day in Svelvik and Bjørn and Toné took us back up to Oslo. On the way we visited the Viking Ship Museum. Very impressive.

On our way down to the harbour in Oslo we passed a carpark full of electric cars plugged into charging poles.

The walk around the harbour was interesting and we had our last icecream (well, almost our last. I seem to have developed an addiction).

Back at our hotel it was time to say our goodbyes. Our week in Svelvik had been really special. We had never met our cousins before but we were made so welcome, it was overwhelming. So good that Robyn and Toné were crying.
Our sincere thanks to Bjørn and Toné, Odd and Anne Stina, Betty, Olaf, Jon, Åse and Morten. Wonderful people, all of them.