Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Week in Kalbarri

We decided that we needed to escape suburbia for a little while and we last went to Kalbarri over 25 years ago.

It has changed quite a bit.

Kalbarri is about 600 kms north of Perth on the mouth of the Murchison River. In the 17th century this part of the coast claimed several ships that strayed too far east before deciding to turn north and head to what was then the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia. 

This is the estuary with the rivermouth in the background.

Getting in and out of the rivermouth is quite a hazardous run between two banks of reefs with very turbulent water separating them.

The cliffs north and sound of the Murchison River are spectacular.

Water sports are popular. This guy was really enjoying himself.

An osprey about to launch himself on a search for his evening meal.

Sunset over Kalbarri.

We stayed at the Murchison Caravan Park which we found claustrophobic with really tight van sites. Just down the road was the Anchorage Caravan Park which had large roomy sites and we should have stayed there.

Our 7 days in Kalbarri was probably about 3 days too long.

On our way home we decided to try to find a granite outcrop called Camel Soak a few kilometres east of Perenjori. After some guidance from a couple of vehicles servicing Rothsay mine we found it and set up for the night.

This beats a caravan park every time.