Our Bushtracker Caravan

Our van is a 20 footer. Total length, towbar to tail lights is 8.3 metres. There's nothing like mixing Imperial and Metric is there?

Delivery Day: 14th October 2009


All the electrickery including Foxtel

Construction Photos
It is invaluable to see what is under the skin before purchasing a caravan. Bushtrackers are very well made. Look at the way the wiring is run; no spaghetti junctions here. The insulation is cut to fit perfectly

Fishing Rod Storage
I bought a set of those plastic rod storage mounts from BCF and screwed them to the timber frame in this wall in the ensuite.

They sit there quite securely and out of the way.

Rear Stabiliser Legs Support
Having stabiliser legs in each corner is great. The van is as steady as a rock when parked up.

But I've been worried about the legs rattling around while driving and that something could eventually be damaged so I made a support bracket for them.

A coat of paint and a couple of bolts and here it is in place and holding the legs very securely.

The front legs were a lot easier. I just got a pair of Breeching Staples from Bunnings and 2 short webbing straps.

I just loosen the strap and remove it over the footpad and wind the leg down.