Slide Out BBQ & Side Table

Slide Out BBQ
I fitted a Sovereign BBQ to some slides and put it in the front boot.

It's all stainless steel and is great to cook on.

Side Table
It's difficult to attach any of the commercially available dropside tables to the van so I decided to make my own.

I started with a pair of brackets from the makers of the Sovereign BBQ.

And had them welded to a stainless steel frame a local company made for me.

This is the finished frame

Add a plastic table top and pop rivet the brackets to the side of the van, and here is the finished product.

I originally positioned it as shown because I thought I would never use the waterproof door and removed it. Since then I've modified the door to assist with dust sealing and have moved the side table towards the front of the van, closer to the BBQ.

When not in use the door lives in the front through-boot of the van.