Improving the Door Seal

When travelling on unsealed, dusty roads it's easy to worry about dust entering through the van's door. Some BT owners carry a large piece of foam that they put between the waterproof door and the van door. That's fine but where do you carry the foam when it's not being used? Especially if it's wet.

I wanted something a little more refined. Something that is ready to use all the time and is not a problem to carry.

So I bought this piece of rubber from Clark Rubber. It looks like a small version of the rubber bumper you would find on a jetty pylon.

I positioned it on the inside (when closed) of the waterproof door with two bolts and used an extra nut to hold it away close enough to the van door so that it applies pressure on it when closed.

In the photo below you can see the rubber applying pressure to the frame of the door opposite the hinged side (ours is hinged on the RHS). This will ensure a good seal in the unlikely event that dust may try to find its way through.
It will stay on the waterproof door permanently and always be ready for use whenever the door is swung across.