Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Horses join the Stable

One of my personal mantras is: you never see a Hearse towing a Trailer.
So, in the interests of making Robyn more comfortable on the pillion seat (of course), I started looking at more comfortable motorcycle options. I had my eye on the new Indian Chief Vintage but, without Dealer support in Perth, there was no way that bike was getting a look in.
An equally attractive option was the new Project Rushmore Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Limited.
Robyn and I drove up to Frasers in Dianella and sat on one which she found to be much more comfortable than the back seat of the W800. The 2015 models were on the verge of being released so I looked at the Harley website and, to be perfectly honest, the 2015 colours were just awful. I mentioned this to Robyn so she said I had better get on the phone and find a 2014 model in the colour we wanted.
Now who is going to ignore a green light like that?
So I rang the Bunbury Dealer in the strong belief that I would prefer to ride a 400kg bike home up the Old Coast Road than down the Freeway via suburban mayhem.
On September 5th we drove down to Bunbury and picked up a new
Project Rushmore Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Limited in Charcoal and Silver.
Here are some nice photos I found on the Net:
We went on a couple of local rides just to get used to the difference between this and the W and today we went up to Dwellingup. There are a couple of cafés there that attract a lot of bikers, young and old, for coffee and a snack. It's particularly busy on Sundays, especially when it's the first sunny Sunday with blue skies. Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.

Here's our new Harley sitting waiting for us. It's very nice. 

I've kept the Kawasaki W800. It's just too nice to ride, and too nice to look at.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Kwolyin Rest Area

Kwolyin (between Quairading and Bruce Rock) was a small rural town in Western Australia's central/eastern wheatbelt but faded into obscurity in the 1960s and 70s. It is now almost entirely returned to the natural bush.
The three Shires of Bruce Rock, Kellerberrin and Quairading combined their efforts to create a beautiful, well equipped free Rest Area for travellers through the region. It is part of their efforts to attract visitors to towns in their Shires and provides a good base while exploring the Granite Way.
My friend Judy has created a website ( full of information for travellers and you can download brochures here:

The grand opening ceremony was to be held on Tuesday 2nd Sept so I thought it best that Robyn and I go there to support this initiative and also just to get away for a few days in a beautiful part of WA.
On Sunday 31st August we hitched up the van and drove out through Boddington, Crossman, Pingelly, Brookton, Corrigin and Ardath to Kwolyin. We passed through rolling green paddocks of wheat interspersed with belts of brilliant yellow canola crops.

On Monday we explored the campsite and were very impressed with the job the three Shires had done.
There were already quite a few vans there, set up in the marked bays near the toilets and other amenities. We have our toilet and shower on board so we just drove a little further around the ring road and found a large flat site which looked perfect.
There are flush toilets and a campers kitchen

 A sheltered BBQ area (free) with seats and tables

Another sitting area with a huge fire pit made by the Bruce Rock Mens Shed.
There are rules so travellers, please follow them and treat this place (and the people who provided it) with respect.

 Here's the original cricket pitch

We were joined on Monday by our friends, Allan and Sharón, from the Sunshine Coast in their new motorhome. It's a beauty.
On an overcast Tuesday  people from all three Shires arrived for the Opening Ceremony. They are all very proud of what they have achieved here.

One of the local Indigenous artists painted a very detailed dot painting showing the various granite rocks in the area, the bitumen roads and the original walking trails used for hunting and gathering in days gone by.

 It's a great free campsite with excellent facilities provided by proud communities in country Western Australia. Come and enjoy it, but treat it with respect.