Firewood Basket & Modified Stone Guard

I recently did a short MIG welding course at Rockingham TAFE and bought a welder. I am now considered armed and dangerous.

My first project was to make a welding table. I bought the steel from Orccon Steel in Mandurah and a few bits and bobs over the internet.

This is the result:

My next attack on an inanimate object with my welder was to make a firewood basket and modify the stoneguard.

I had a very frustrating time cutting angle iron through 45 degrees as the cut off saw was not accurate and after a few mistakes I was running out of angle. But I refused to buy more and decided to press ahead with what I had and to hide any errors, if possible.

It wasn't always possible.

I then modified the stoneguard to attach to the basket and put a couple of mudflaps on the outriggers.

One very good outcome from all this is that I have unimpeded access to the gas bottles and diesel heater tank now. Previously I, and every other BT owner, had to climb over the support arms for the stoneguard in its original form.

I used it over the Easter weekend and can see some areas for improvement (apart from giving it a final coat of silver paint).

My next decision, if I carry out these improvements, will be whether or not to have the whole thing re-manufactured professionally in alloy.

It's tempting. Mine's got a few daggy welds and does look amatuerish compared to the rest of the van.

But it's all my own work and my T/A (Trades Assistant) and I had fun putting it together.

February 2012 Update:

OK, I caved in and got an alloy one made professionally by local company Alloy & Stainless Manufacturing (there's a link on the blog).

It has a 12 volt work light on it too.