Saturday, July 09, 2011

2011 Trip: Perth to Derby

Sunday 3rd July
We left Mandurah at 8:30am and headed north up the Freeway to Roe Highway and met up with our friends Ken & Lyn at Ginger's Roadhouse in Upper Swan.. They are towing their new Spinifex van with their new 200 Series Cruiser.

Lunch was at New Norcia.

It was our intention to stop over night at Mt Gibson Rest Stop, but it wasn't where I last saw it and we drove right past. There is now a mine where the rest stop used to be and the highway has been shifted a few kilometres to the west (including a new rest stop). You can tell we are in a mining State when that can happen.

So we found a spot near Paynes Find and camped there for the night. It was cold, too. Paynes Find fuel stop and tavern has been closed. One person we spoke to said that it will eventually re-open. Time will tell.

Monday 4th July.
Continuing north through Mt Magnet and Cue to Meekatharra. We camped overnight at Bilyuin Pool on the Murchison River (Camp 576 in CAW 6). What a nice spot.

My new firewood basket did the job and we had a great camp fire that night. It was still cold but no rain.

Tuesday 5th July
Northwards, ever northwards, through Newman. The mining activity in this part of the State is unbelievable. Massive machinery moving up and down the highway. Holes in the ground everywhere. It is truly Australia's engine room.

We drove past the road to Area C where our son and son-in-law work. The morning jet with the fly in, fly out workers was just making its landing approach to the mine's private airport.

After lunch the rain set in. Low cloud over the ranges and very cold. We pulled into Mt Robinson Rest Area (Camp 580 CAW 6) for the night. It was good to see the number of new Dump Points and toilet blocks being installed for travellers.

We were all glad that we had diesel heaters installed in our vans. They got a workout that night. Beanies and sox to bed.

Wednesday 6th July
It was our intention to stay at Albert Tognolini Rest Area last night (Camp 581 CAW 6) but the weather got the better of us. So we drove in and had a look this morning.

What a pretty place. Very popular too. 

Continuing north out of the ranges into flat plain country and through Port Hedland. We stopped for the night at Cape Keraudren (Camp 617 CAW 6). We were not very impressed with our stay here. It cost us $27 per van to stay overnight because it is a National Park or similar and there is a Ranger at the entry to lighten our wallets. It was bush camping pure and simple and we could have parked up on wild grass in a million other places for free.

Mind you there were plenty of other people there who were obviously enjoying themselves, so to each their own. And my photos don't show the ocean views from these vans.

Thursday 7th July.
Guess what, northwards again. This length of the Great Northern Highway is deadly boring. We arrived at our next overnight stop, Barn Hill Station caravan park (Camp 620 in CAW 6) in mid afternoon. Now this is a nice spot.

Powered sites if needed. Water connection. A beautiful beach and colourful scenery.

Friday 8th July.
2500kms and 5 days after leaving home, we are in Derby (and still in WA).

On Sunday we are booked on a flight and boat ride to the Horizontal Falls.

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  1. Lizee3:42 pm

    Great photos Dad. Perhaps you'll need a few extra dump points during your Horizontal Falls adventure (or at least a change of undies). Love to Mum x